Curriculum vitae

Personal Details:

Nationality: Finnish487901_608990185794517_1529333578_n

Email: ville.henrik.heikkila(at)

Born September 24th , 1997 in Espoo, Finland.

Career goals:

I hope to graduate with excellent grades and go to university. I will focus my education on marketing.                                     


2013-(2016) Espoo yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School

The Matriculation Examination Certificate in 2016

2010-2013 Leppävaara Upper Level Comprehensive School

2004-2010 Kilo Lower Level Comprehensive School

Work experience:

2.5.2012 – 16.5.2012 Laaksolahti Sports Park, Janitor’s assistant.

12.6.2013 – 17.7.2013 Construction site, Niipperin Rakenne OY, Jyväskylä.

4.6.2015 – 19.6.2015 Storage worker, Liftcom Marine OY, Tuusula.

Language skills:

Finnish – Mother tongue

English oral – good

English written – good

Swedish – moderate

Computer skills:

I have excellent computer skills. I use my laptop almost every day for school work and studying. I can use

varieties of programs, like Adobe Photoshop for editing pictures, Sony Vegas for editing videos and FL Studio for making music.


The gym, jogging, playing tennis, skateboarding and skiing.